About Selis Tutkum Altinok


Bornin Nicosia, Cyprus on 26th of April, 1993, Selis Tutkum is a Turkish Cypriotwho has been studying Fine arts in the UK since 2011. She graduated from TheEnglish School, Nicosia in June 2011 where she studied for 7 years, completingher studies with A-levels in Maths, Physics, Design and Technology and Turkish.She believes that having a mathematics, physics and a design background plays abig part in how she creates the structures of the sculptures she makes, as wellas her problem solving skills. She came to the UK to start her career as anartist for which she started by getting a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art andDesign which she completed with distinction. Selis Tutkum continued her studiesby doing a 3 year Bachelor of Arts course in University of Reading where shegraduated with a 2:1 in June 2015. She is currently based in London and isdoing her Masters of Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, she will befinished with her masters course in June 2017. 

My Work

The works she creates areusually an insight into how she gets to know the materials she chooses to workwith. Selis Tutkum's material choices varies accordingly to the senses oftouches she wants to create. She has worked with plaster, latex, cables, ropes,steel and copper wire, silicone rubber as well as copper pipes. The picture onthe left is showing her experimenting stages with the copper pipes that shehas been working with this semester. Tactility is very important as an endresult with her sculptures and the selection of the materials are in tune withthe characteristics of each material and the context that they bring into thework. With her current works, she is interested in the idea of combining thefunctional and the nonfunctional, as well as exploring the concept of valuethat a material brings to a sculpture and intends to address value throughfragility.

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